Monday, December 14, 2009

Watching YOU...

I had a post I wanted to write, but on consideration it's a bad idea. So,  I will use the new Celebrity Big Brother logo for no other reason than I think it's quite Cataclysm-themed, and make a few observations concerning the LFG System:

1. Nobody watches healer mana, infact quite the opposite seems to be the case in the groups I find myself in with the Resto Shammy. It's become one huge race to see if we can beat the Random Dungeon CD timer. We did a 14 minute DTK this morning, for instance. Violet Hold has become a 15 minute instance, Utgarde Pinnacle and Keep are coming close. It's all about finishing and moving on.

2. LOTS of people are watching the meters, even if you aren't. The DK who insisted on spamming dps after every pack fight in the Old Kingdom and asking the rest of us when we were going to try and beat him got voted out before we made it to the last boss. Don't do it kids. Really.

3. There will be, very soon, a Repair NPC inside EVERY instance. I'll bet money on it. The number of people who come into an instance with borked gear is beginning to rise. It's just going to make things easier.

4. If they don't fix the server capacity on my Battlegroup in peak hours, there will be a tantrum. I KNOW additional instances cannot be launched. When are you going to fix it?

5. Check your dialog box when a new Dungeon comes up. If it tells you that the Dungeon you are about to join is in progress, it's a good chance you'll be in for a wipefest. Or, in my case, you'll port into VH with the doors shut. Nice planning there ^^ I've had a couple of those since Wednesday too, and thus far not one single dungeon that I've joined late I've managed to complete. Buyer beware.

I'm almost done on the LFG Guide, but I have Xmas Gubbins with the Kids to sort first...

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dobablo said...

It was my second dip into random last night. On my newly minted L80 with average gear I healed a couple of instances I've not seen before.

I experienced
a) A MT who didn't like the look of the instance so he force dc'ed on log-in.
b) Being asked why I wasn't healing on a boss wipe (I was being sacrificed).
c) A long slow run through Ahn'kahet, which took over an hour.
d) A warlock with a felpuppy on aggressive, no soulshards and who kept asking why had aggro and was getting no heals during Insanity on Herald Volazj
e) A tank who skipped all the bosses except the last one just to get his 2 EoF
f) A HoS with a poor tank who I burned through my mana to keep up on alive, couldn't grab adds, left casters behind and didn't see the patrolling giant who snuck up on us from behind
g) My first party quit. The above tank. One dps quit after our first wipe (missing the patrolling trash) and got replaced. A second dps quit after a wipe where a double pull left 3 untanked casters. That's when I took my leave.