Friday, December 18, 2009


Six inches of snow outside \o/

Inside, we made Icecrown progress last night :D

Yes, that's me with a Rocket Pack. When we left the Gunship Battle last night we'd cracked a great deal of the tactical gubbins, so when we go back I suspect that's another job done. Marrowgar was CONSIDERABLY more nerfed than he was last week, and with the tweaks we made it was a foregone conclusion. However hats must be removed to my Husband who had an inspired moment with the tactics for Lady Deathwhisper. She went down (I think) on the fourth try of asking. It was suitably impressive watching everyone hit the same point on the learning curve. Oh, and she dropped the most Awesome Bow Evah \o/

All told, not a bad night's work. I might even go so far as to say we could have the first wing's content cleared before the gating is removed... depends on how hard Saurfang is...

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