Friday, October 02, 2009

3.3 ALREADY????

PTR Downloading as I type... ^^

I have to admit I'm a bit surprised this is happening as fast as it is. There's been a HUGE amount of info dumped via MMO in the last 24 hours, including Dwarven Totem models, which is making me think the race changes really can't be that far away either. On a cursory first glance, things are looking interesting, including links to the mystery sword in the ice at the Tournament, a new slew of resist gears for crafting and a WEEKLY RAID QUEST which rewards you for killing a specified raid boss with 10 emblems. TEN!!! They're giving them away!!!

My screenshots folder is now so large I'm going to need to take a copy and delete the lot. Before I do...

The Shammy finally lucked out with a decent Ony group last night (it was in essence a Guild run with me and someone else as #9 & 10) and I have the 22 slot bag to show for my troubles. Getting the heroics done was a good bonus, and my gear is well on it's way to being acceptable for most raiding situations.

Talking of raiding, yesterday I was asked for my gear score when in LFG. My first reaction was 'whut'? Things move so fast at the moment, you're asked for so much to even play in a PuG (drivers licence and birth certificate soon to be a requirement) that I had to admit being a nub and having no idea what I was being asked. Thirty minutes later, I had the Gear Score addon installed to see what all the fuss was about:

It appears that each item you wear is 'scored' depending on it's iLevel and where it drops, and an overal score is then derived as a result. As you can see, I have a score of 4543, which is 'not imba but ok', at least according to the 12 year old Raid Leader that decided as a result I was good enough to do VoA 10 with his mates (and yes I did ask him why when I discovered he was 12 he wasn't in school and apparently he has H1N1, so may be best avoided anyway) Needless to say this is not really the best way to be deciding anyone is good enough for your group, it's yet another example of what you can do when you know how to code and like pretty colours. I expect everyone to be using it therefore within a week...

Oooh, PTR has finished...

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