Tuesday, September 08, 2009


- Further to the Arm Pen grumbles, I now get why Blizz are doing this. If you take a look at the team who completed the World First Heroic Trial of the Crusader, 3 of the top 5 placed DPS-ers are Combat specced Rogues. Check their gear out on the Armoury... Arm pen gems in EVERY SINGLE SLOT. #1 dps in that fight = 10,003.

Now I understand.

Ironically there was one hunter in that group. He was Marks. He has just about every slot gemmed Arm pen as well. He only managed #14 on the meters.

As my US brethren would say, Go Figure.

- I did the Occulus last night in under four hours. I remember how traumatic that place used to be, but with better gear, drake scaling and a sensible game plan it's now no more hassle than any other Heroic. Amazing what a little gear and some time can do to soften the blows. I'll need to do it again when the Proof of Demise quest rolls around but after that, truth be told, I'll be happy never to go there again.

Some places just hold too many bad memories.

- We now present, for your viewing enjoyment, my Hunter's next Project after 40 Exalted Reputations:

So I've decided I'll be aiming for 25,000 acts of well-calculated slaughter in the coming weeks (probably should add months here as well ^^). As it's taken 4 and a bit years to get this far I have no idea how long the remaining 3265 will take to complete, but it should be interesting to watch the counter. This will in turn allow me to completely upgrade all my PvP gear to 213 and beyond via the wonders of Honor, plus I am sure there will be achievings. I could get all the mounts as well I suppose...

- This week will therefore be some PvP, some levelling and quite possibly a fit of mass gathering to restock all my alts with potions, foodbuffs and other sundry gubbins...

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