Wednesday, September 09, 2009

La Liste de Seau

Everyone and their Gran right now seems to have a Bucket List. I'm seeing people ask for tags in on-line communities to sort them, people discussing them on non-WoW sites. The community has readily accepted the fact that Azeroth as we know it will be No More and if you want to do things, now is the time, coz soon a great many of them just won't be there any more.

There was even a queue at the weekend to hang Ony/Nef's head in Stormwind.

With my many alts I realised a while ago that there are only so many hours in the day. Getting Loremaster on three L80's would require more investment than I will ever be prepared to give in Azeroth, so the Hunter has been designated the Explorer/Achiever for all the non-Dungeon and Instance content. The Druid picks up the achieving for all the progression content, and the Lock... well she just does her thing. Any swirly dingage is a bonus.

However I have decided with my Shaman fresh into L75 that it might be nice to go do the World Explorer achievement one more time, taking some screenshots along the way, with a view to making a slideshow of the Old World to keep for posterity. Hell, I may even try some video capture on Hubby's Mac. There are some really beautiful parts of Azeroth a lot of people forget are there, and once they are gone... anyway, watch this space. Time to clear out the screenshots folder...

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