Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Golden Path

MMO Champion tells YOU how to be Rich.

Seriously, if you've ever wondered how to make money in game, without the need for Guides, then here it is. This is pretty much what I've been doing for the past six months and it has netted me sufficient cash to buy Cold Weather Flying for all my sub-80's plus Epic Flight (so far) for one. I go the Leather items DE route, but having been pointed in the direction of the Cobalt items I'll be doing those as well. I don't buy the raw materials on the AH, I use what I grind in the normal run of life. I pick enchants that aren't currently on sale on the AH, and using the Auctioneer data I have I'll fill in gaps for prices. In a lot of cases, if I announce the enchant on sale into Trade it's sold before I make it out of the Auction House.

Most importantly I'm not greedy. I think that's worth saying.

More importantly, however:


HUGE grats to all involved, I look forward to getting my achievement in the near future.

WTB Icecrown, 0g, PST.

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