Saturday, September 12, 2009

Game Over!

The Druid's seen all the content (in 10 man) that the Crusade has to offer. The last boss fight is suitably taxing, but if I'm honest it's the PvP fight that makes the encounter overall. It all comes down to the RNG and which six jump down from the Arena. Last night was a big step forward from Wednesday's first try and it does reinforce the point that tired eyes and brains are no substitute for coming to an encounter fresh. Last night was two tries and done. I hope the same can be said for Mimiron on Sunday, who we had to 20% on Phase Four last night before we went to bed. I can see Yogg-Saron in my future...

I'm very happy with my Druid at the moment, not simply because I'm doing really challenging stuff currently which I'm finding extremely enjoyable. I'm finally able to do the damage I think I should be capable of. Observe this Recount log from a 25 man VoA in the week:

There were glorious moments when I broke the 4000 dps mark. I've NEVER done that amount of damage on anyone, anywhere, and it brings home to me that there are some REALLY large numbers to be had from the combination of decent gear, good enchants and the right rotations. I have a Starfire/Wrath combo that really works for me and I'm not far now from the haste cap for my Boomer. Haste makes a LOT of difference I now realise: casting spells faster means more spells more often which of course equals more damage. Duh. If you want to beat these more complicated fight, the big numbers, like it or not, really do matter.

The rest of this week has mostly been about PvP, for which I will make a separate post. Needless to say, I think people need to re-evaluate the merits of PvP in the light of XP from BG's. The 80's may hate it but BOY is it great times for everyone else.

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