Wednesday, September 16, 2009

...and there it was!

I had planned a spectacular action shot in AV to celebrate the Shammy hitting L80 but the best laid plans... ah well.

Take this shoddy list of statistical increases as a poor alternative ^^

Gear Wise, things are not looking too shabby either. Thanks to a friends generousity (I've not forgotten your armour either :D) I have Zom's Crackling Bulwark and the Titansteel Guardian to act as my healing weapons of choice. I got the PvP Gloves and Shoulders and am nearly 20,000 honor into the next step (probably the legs, possibly a ring or a trinket depending on where I stand) Everything else is blue, with the sad exception of my Relic, which will be my first purchase with Elbows. It almost looks like I did some planning, doesn't it? :p

In Hunter News, last night was scheduled as a Naxx 10 Achievements Run, and all in all it was exactly as advertised.

That's the one I'm particuarly proud of at the top there, but there were loads of others: Patchwerk in WELL under 3 minutes, 10 people alive at Heigan, 18 Abominations at KT. The only two we missed were Shocking and The Undying, and I would confidently perdict both of those to be on notice for the next time we go. And before you say it, yes I KNOW this is old news and all you imba people have already done this like, two patches ago, but it's new to me.

So :p to you!

Oh yeah, and Occulus done, Quests complete, nuff said.

Next step is a bit of long term planning. More to follow.

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