Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Behind the Curve

The last few days have been, if I'm fair, all about the Guild. There's been a few things that needed sorting, and now they're done, I can hopefully start digesting the TONS of information that fell out of Blizzcon. I should also check my mail for my Marine Murloc Pet...

What I have done as a first exercise is some much-needed account sorting. I've had two accounts since the Recruit a Friend exercise allowed me to level my Shaman at speed (and grab the Zevra mount), and I've now transferred my Druid to the second account. More importantly both are now linked via Battle.Net, a process which is likely to become mandatory at some point in the future. It means only one login password and less than thirty minutes to transfer the Druid between the two accounts (though that may just have been lucky) This now frees me up some space to plan for a Worgen on my main account, and an 80 on both accounts to provide heirlooms for levelling. The Druid immediately converted her useless Emblems of Valor to shoulders and chest for the Shammy, and the next real task for me will be to level her to 80 and to get her Blacksmithing maxxed.

I've also set up a new alt on the secondary account who has access to my main bank alt's bank and Guild Bank, which will hopefully allow me to transfer anything between both accounts with speed, thus circumnavigating the 1 hour mail delay. In the end it is becoming increasingly easy to customise your gaming experience, and it seems sensible for me to take advantage of all this ease.

I ran a Naxx 10 with the Lock last night (and was second on dps on Patchwerk, which I'm very happy about, 3.5k dps is no longer a pipedream) and I'm 3 emblems short of the tier chest. The Hunter picked up the tier hat and also snagged the rather lovely Chestguard of the Ravenous Fiend (moar penetration!!!) from the Heroic 5 man Crusader Event, which is as good as it gets outside 25 man Ulduar...

Right, let's go sort some other things during Maintenance...

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