Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pay Attention, 007

So, new PTR build, and time to clear up some confusion (WoWWiki, we salute you!):

In patch 3.2, Conquest Emblems will drop from bosses in all level 80 5-man heroic instances, as well as level 80 raids that formerly dropped Emblems of Heroism and Valor.

Triumph Emblems drop off bosses from the (tier 9) 10-player and 25-player Crusaders' Coliseum and, according to the Patch 3.2.0 PTR notes, will also be a reward from the normal and heroic daily Northrend dungeon quests.

So, just to be clear: running 5 man heroics will NOT give you immediate access to the best gears. Enough of the QQ-ing leet peoples, okay? The current Triumph items (wands, thrown, headpieces, shoulders, idols, librams, sigils so far) are also available on the PTR for emblems plus gold contributions. There's also an extra EXTRA requirement for the PvP gears:

So you're gonna need a Trophy of the Crusade to pick up the Furious Gear via Triumph badges. How you get these is currently anybody's guess. I'm going to be a betting woman and say that you'll either a) pick them up for a certain amount of honor or b) you'll need to exchange x marks from all the other current battlegrounds (including the new Isle of Conquest) in order to purchase one. I'd say 10 of each token would be fair, considering how long it would take to pick up 75 Emblems of Triumph.

So this is a bit of a diversion from what was originally advertised. Considering there's still no dungeon on the latest PTR build I'd expect things to change a fair bit more. If this is all confusing the Hell out of you (and frankly it is me) this will be the least of your worries. Working out which dungeon you're gonna be in will be a nightmare in itself. Really, just look at the options:

Note to Self: do not instance unless awake in 3.2, because you WILL get it wrong. Ho yus.

Moar PTR potterage to follow I think, as the Real Servers won't be up until at least lunchtime...

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Nathan said...

Trophy of the Crusade drops (at least, might also be 10-man but that one might be named differently) in the new 25-man raid and can be traded at a vendor for any piece of tier gear (shoulders, head, chest, legs, hands). So now you don't have to reach that last boss in Naxx for the head or that last boss in Ulduar for the shoulders. You just pick whatever is your biggest upgrade.