Friday, July 03, 2009

It Runs in the Family

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a player in possession of a good hunter must be in want of many more.

B was, as is happens, my first ever hunter. Back in the day he was then a she, and started their life on a PvP Server (which gave them the Private title) Once paid server transfers appeared she was called over and made over and now he's been called into service as a way of collecting more Northern Spices, of having a 450 engineer for bullet making and as part of my Hunter Bankalt Team. I run three bankalts: a L27 Hunter Banking Supremo out of Exodar (who is the dump for all my current mats and who serves as my main Auctioneer), a L51 Hunter Banking Assistant in Booty Bay (who is liason for my Son's small army of L1-10 Horde alts and who keeps an eye out on the Neutral AH for pet bargains) and now B. Yes, this means I have FOUR hunters.

Why are you all running away...???

A great deal of my non-raiding enjoyment comes from the AH and from crafting. I enjoy playing with hunters at various stages of development. I find myself wondering how many people do this the same way.

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r1cardo said...

I love hunters too, i have a level 70 alliance on one server and 2 level 60 horde on my horde server :)

None of them have ever been my main but they're just fun for playing around with. There's something nice about the pet/character style of play.