Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So, it would be fair to say that at present Azeroth is not particuarly high on my list of priorities. I'm not one to sit here and contemplate my own navel, so you'll be pleased to know there's gonna be no deep and insightful commentary as a result. However, even if I'm not playing as much I still need to keep myself up to date.

I used WoWMatrix before the big fallout with Curse et al and it's only this morning when I manually spent an hour going through my addons and updating them that I realised just how simpler the all-in-one downloader made that process. I have read a lot about what happened there and how priorities for one party came in to direct conflict with another, and it occurs to me that sometimes contemplating one's navel (metaphorically) does have it's benefits. Certainly if peeople had talked to each other a lot sooner I suspect I'd still be using WoWMatrix without all the blocked addons. Odd that when all these people are doing the same thing there's so much trouble finding a path that everyone enjoys. I reckon that's a metaphor for life if ever you needed one.

The measured walk to The Exalted continues, with Timbermaw Rep FINALLY dealt with forever (I don't care if they made it easier, it still sucks) giving me 34/40. The Silver Covenant will roll over to Exalted tomorrow if I have the opportunity to do dailies today, after which it's Oracles. After that it's instance rep or 21,000 pirates. Okay so it's not THAT bad but it's still not an easy job with the time available. Ho hum. We will get there, just not very fast.

However it's likely today I'll end up with this achievement. That's commitment, that is.


Jonathan said...

I too was a WoWMAtrix user until it was borked - since then I've gone over to the Curse downloader (the free version, of course!). It's captured about the same percentage of addons that WoWMatrix did, although on the free version you have to update each addon separately; no great loss to mankind, and I refuse to pay for the 'Premium' version just for the pleasure of having an 'Update All' button to press. :-)

Mind you, it's not perfect; it wanted to roll back my version of Bank Items to a version pre-TBC (/facepalm) for a start. But once you tell it what not to update, it does for me addon-update wise (that and occasional visits to the websites for addons not covered, hello CT_Mod).

Nathan said...

Only downside is that they removed the Update all button from the free version. Cheeky b......s!! Now after every major patch i have to click like there's no tomorrow. Still a lot faster then doing it through the site though! :D