Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three Down...

After the Deconstructinator... the road to Ulduar is clear!

It is often noted that this game, like it or not, is a lot to do with luck. Last night we proved that it has very little to do with luck and pretty much everything to do with the people you take. That whole 'bring the player, not the class' adage works pretty well, when all is said and done.

We didn't have two of our players from Sunday: we lost shaman totems and a druid's Leader of the Pack. We gained a Death Knight's fairly awesome dps (nearly 4k in the XT-002 fight) and another DK's superlative tanking, and we one-shotted him with less than 10 seconds to spare to the Enrage. We gained an achievement. We lost two people in the fight, but people went the extra mile, from the Druid healer who moonfire spammed her way through the heart phase to the Pally tank who dealt with the adds. EVERYONE contributed in their own way to the kill, and it happened so fast I still can't quite believe we did it. Gief achievement to convince me!

Ooh look, we did!

After that we decided on Razorscale. We refined our tactic from Thursday (when we wiped horribly), got our mage to start the Event and braced ourselves for the Dark Irons... who never came. No mole machines, no chain lightning... just blue flame balls from above until we got her to 50%, she landed... and we killed her with 2 people standing. Yes it may be an assist, but we'll take the kill thanks very much as it means our hunter got the fourth best pair of gloves currently in game for his class and a priest grabbed a pretty damn fine trinket.

We ventured inside next (Ignis can wait) and took a look at both the Assembly of Iron and Kologarn who, on our first (not very serious) try was taken to 72%. I reckon he'll be the way we go initially as the Iron Council looks like a far more techinically complex fight.

All in all it was a fantastic night. Snacks and respect to the Guild, who yet again showed that it's nothing to do with the classes and EVERYTHING to do with the players... especially if they're DK's :D

Seriously: Good Job Guys!

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