Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Thing is...

I really like 3.1. REALLY Love the Argent Tournament, the new Fishing Dailies and the changes most people won't be raving about. The new content does seem to have been more considered than previously. Things that make me happy include:

  • The FP to Winterspring, and the Summoning Stone inside the Keep. That wasn't always there, right? With the new fishing daily in there it makes life so much easier, though I suspect this will become a camp point for the opposition over time. Fishing rods at the ready!
  • Chilled meats now have a chance to drop from ANY mob. I've been getting them from worms, mammoths and rhinos. Very useful for alts when doing the Cookery/Holdir/Tournament dailies.
  • The quest tracking I discovered on the PTR really is fantastic. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination (certain quest items don't show even when required for a quest if they are part of a chain of actions you need to complete) but the difference it makes to questing is significant. It's also fabulous that quests now automatically appear when picked up.
  • The amount of money I make simply by doing the Argent Tournament stuff. I've already paid back M's Dual Spec, and am well on the way to providing one for someone else. The jousting is a bit of a faff for Idiot Girl on some days, and I've not yet been able to defeat anyone in the Grand Melee quest :( Never mind, I can kiss frogs until the cows come home...
  • The stuff in the Fishing Daily bags. I specifically point at the grey items (like the Battered Jungle Hat) which Blizz have clearly included for Bank Alt Pimpage. My vanity banker and the Guild banker both have one now, and very smart they look too. I really don't care how many New Age Paintings I get either: at 25g a throw, it's still a good living. Plus it's also good levelling: Druid's up to 200 and Lock's close to 225 now, just on the Dailies. It does take a while though, and considering the chaos offshore yesterday for the Severed hand quest I think I'll stick to fishing inland with those two until I get their skills up a bit.
  • The new Books of Glyph Mastery. Lots of people on my server are not best pleased about this change: books are being sold for what people consider profiteering amounts... well they're right, of course. People all make money in their own way. However, the drop rate is pretty good if you're in 80 territory. A bit of patience... I've had two drop as a result of my work in Storm Peaks and Icecrown (plus one from a mate). As a result as of yesterday I was still the only person who was selling Glyph of Nourish on my server. I've done a very steady trade as a result: I refuse to sell them at the three figure prices most people seem to favour. As a result I finally have Inscription paying for itself.
  • The new Raid Boss in Wintergrasp. No turning up without a brain in 10 man any more. Hooray!
Talking of which, M has the 10 man achievement. I'm guessing it's gonna be a few weeks before anyone's PuGGing him successfully in 25 man...

W got her first piece of badge gear last night, the very useful Ward of the Violet Citadel, which means I only need to upgrade three more items to be in all 80 gear. The Hat of Wintry Doom was my last crafted item which means it's boots, wand and trinket that remain to be replaced. It's a slow process, but we'll get there eventually!

Now if you'll excuse me it's off to get one step closer to P of Ironforge...

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