Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Not for nothing does my Guild tab have 'Dora the Chief Guild Nub' on it. I can, when the moment takes me, be SPECTACULARLY stupid. I could recount numerous tales, gentle reader, many involving pets and crowded instances, Auto Shot, keyboard running and turning... the list goes on. However on this occasion, I need but one story. One I KNOW will haunt me for the rest of Online Time...

Guildie friend got his new Tier 7.5 pants yesterday but was strapped for cash. I offered to make him an Icescale Leg Armour (Frozen Orb, 2 Arctic fur, 2 Icy Dragnscale) Made the patch, traded him in IF, job done... except the patch disappeared. Guildie couldn't find it in his bags and it was gone from mine. Exhaustive searching commenced... still no patch. Guildie ticketed a GM, who was less than helpful (no it WASN'T the soulbound patch, I made the damn thing and traded it) so reticketed it.

This morning, whilst hanging out washing, Mr Godfather calls me from inside.

'You know that patch you made yesterday that was supposed to have disappeared? It didn't, you just traded it to some random gomer in IF.'

I was standing next to my Guildie, but clearly I didn't look hard enough to see who I was actually clicking on. Some random L80 got a free armour patch.

I get to be called Justifiably Stupid for the foreseeable future.

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