Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Quite Enough

So, here is my damage from last night's foray into Ulduar. The 4% is how far we got the X002 Deconstructinator to before he enraged and owned our asses.

I died fifteen times. It was hugely frustrating but at the same time immensely satisfying to be making up our own strategy again for the first time. I have absolutely NO idea how you would be able to do this in 10 man Naxx gear (as has been said is possible by Mr G. Crawler this weekend) unless those people are infinitely better players than I am, because I was at my limit. The entire two and a bit hours, and it STILL wasn't enough :(

Looking at my numbers, and considering what everyone else was outputting, I surmise I'm about 500dps short. So, last night I made some changes:

I have repecced to 57/0/14, which gives me the Master Shapeshifter buff (+4% damage) and Omen of Clarity (chance of free cast) I've put three points in Celestial Focus (+3% spell haste) and removed Dreamstate, instead throwing a point into Intensity (17% of mana regen continues while casting) I have found a combination of gear that lifts me above 1850 damage, but (sadly) is gonna need Snapper Extreme (+30 hit) to push me to cap, so I lose the extra spell damage but gain 400 health.

Will it be enough? I'll let you know on Tuesday when we go back to try and make it 2/14 in Ulduar.

In other news...

Yes, that's W's Lock spells there. The new dailies at the Tournament (plus the Sons quests) were enough to get her almost to 80, the last couple of bars happened in a Halls of Lightning. She's still wearing the vast majority of her 70 gear but can still pull enough dps for Heroics. Next step is to actually get her into some :p

So, that's three of the family levelled. I have NO idea who I'm going to do next...

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