Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's In the Trees, It's Coming...

I'll discuss the Ulduar strangeness in a moment, but first I want to mention summat that made me stop and and think on WoW Insider this morning. It is being suggested in some quarters that Ulduar might be a Guild breaker. As the article says 'Ulduar seems to be where the rubber meets the road with casual raiding. If there's a guild out there who has a few lesser raiders carried along by a few high-level veterans, Ulduar's likely to cause some friction.'

I think, if I'm honest, it all boils down to whether people are prepared to move out of their comfort zones to make progress. Naxx was quite a challenge for the casual raider, but it was well documented. Ulduar is still pretty much unknown territory. However casual you might be there is a point, at least where I stand, where you have to decide whether raid progress is actually what you want from the Game. More importantly it's whether your Guild is prepared to accomodate your point of view if you decide not to raid when the vast majority of people are happy to do so. It's part of the constantly-evolving process that IS this game. Choices, decisions, whether you do X or Y when you log, how important gear and progression in whatever enviornment you find yourself in... all of these can be easily accomodated in this virtual world, assuming that the people who run your Guild are prepared to be flexible and communicate with you as to what is needed and what is expected.

I'm in the process of writing a Mission Statement for the Guild, along with our Officers. It may seem to some a bit pointless, but experience has proved with the people we have that if you communicate with them in an honest and forthright manner there are fewer issues, and confusion is far easier to avoid. So, if we tell people exactly what we'd like to see happen, it should make what we do a lot clearer to everybody. I suspect if I were twenty years younger I would be accused of being 'far too emo' about the whole thing but it works. I would like to think if anyone has a problem in Guild we hear about it and try and sort it by that person coming forward and saying something publically. It doesn't always work, of course, but the fact we're about to celebrate our fourth anniversary on the Server makes me think we must be doing something right.

ANY new development in game has the potential to be a Guild breaker. If the people in the Guild aren't talking or don't understand each other, that's as dangerous as a Boss that wipes you for two weeks straight with no progress. It's all down in the end to communication. Dueg's GM shouldn't have been talking to his Guild in the instance, he should have been talking to them BEFORE they went in. This should have been the topic of discussion after the first run. The more you can make people aware, as quickly as possible, the more chance you have that people will actually grasp the importance of the situation. If all else fails of course, you'll just have to take people in and let them see for themselves.

If they're not prepared, they'll find out soon enough.

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