Sunday, April 12, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

It is palpable, right across the Server. People are waiting.

Whether it's the fact I can get a PuG for my Lock in 5 minutes of joining LFG (L78 and a bit now) and it's not full of people on Easter Holidays (though I did have an 11 year old tank earlier in the week ^^) or it's the fact that even the Azerothian crafting mats sell within one 48 hour window, the signs are there. The IMBA 25 Man Guilds are dressed in their PvP gears at the Mailbox. WG has 5-6 groups per evening assault. There's more than 49 people in Molten Core.

People are waiting for 3.1.

There was an amended set of patch notes yesterday, which normally means we're less than a week away. I'm still sticking to my assertion it's gonna drop 21/22nd but part of me is gearing for this Wednesday because... well, I'm wrong more times than I'm right, let's be honest. While I wait, first up, more from Ghostcrawler on 10 man raiding.
There are groups of players who just prefer to run smaller raids. I don't know off the top of my head how many, if any, exist on your server. They do exist. You can't always assume they are small guilds. Sometimes they are large guilds of more casual players with only a few raiders. It varies. What happened in LK is a lot of these players (who remember prefered to do 10-player content) just gave up and joined 25-player pugs because those were easier and provided better loot. For Ulduar, we predict they will have more motivation to do the 10-player version because the 25-player version is going to be more challenging. They might join a pug, wipe a lot, and remember why they prefer to run smaller raids with friends.
I know a LOT of Guilds like this. I would suspect it counts as a lot of the populations on a lot of servers as well, the 25 man people just don't notice because... well, they're running 25 man ^^ We do 1 x 25 man a week and 1 x 10 man a week and this fits most people into a raid schedule without any issues at all. As it happens this week we had trouble getting 10 people together. Normally we have 30 online on a Saturday evening, last night it was 13. Suspect that won't last long after 3.1 hits, I'd be expecting login queues and lag and...

W should be Locking at 80 in the next few days. She has rested up to 79, and is well into the Sons of Oh Dear dailies. I am grinding Emblems as well in various places across the Storm Peaks, and as soon as someone else turns up to quest I move on. Honored at 78 is not beyond the realms of possibility as a result, so at least I don't have to worry about getting Scryer marks for shoulder enchants any more. Shatt is even more of a Ghost Town than it normally is right now. I was the only Alliance person there for at least an hour earlier this week :(

M the Shaman is 61, and accumulating Rested. I suspect if 3.1 does hit she's gonna be there for a bit, if not we will probably badger Mr Godfather for some boostage. I've decided once I hit 70 she's gonna run through as many PuG's as I can find, partly as an exercise to see just how good/bad the PuGging experience has become. I know at least one priest in the Guild who learnt their trade this way, and now instances are by design shorter and MEANT to be easier it shouldn't be too much of a stretch. I am going to pick up some really cheap 70 epics for a bit of a healing boost. The results will, of course, be reported here.

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