Friday, April 17, 2009

...and I feel Fine!

So, there are those who have decided, because the professionals went in and cleared out Ulduar in a night and a bit, that it's all a bit too easy. They've decided that the entire raiding experience has been cheapened or debased. They've decided it's the End of Warcraft as we know it.

What a load of utter bollocks.

We went in last night for the first time. Our team could have been better (for a start they could have found a competant Boomkin) but we weren't there to try and clear half the instance, we were there to have a look and judge what we need to be aiming for. We started with 10 man because we thought it was going to be easier. How wrong we were.

Ulduar ISN'T easy. It's not got the advantage of having existed pre-expansion and it doesn't have the advantage of lots of Guild having been there. PTR training aside *before you even get inside* there are FOUR VERY COMPLEX AND CHALLENGING 10 man encounters. See, I did that bit in capital letters. There are ton of new skills to learn for the Flame Leviathan encounter but this does at least allow you a measure of leeway (if you die you can come back in, wait for a new vehicle type to respawn and return to the fray) We downed him on the second try of asking once we worked out you need someone on top of the vehicle and you HAVE to take out the turrets:

As an aside I clearly didn't get Epic Flight Form on Wednesday, and neither did I join the Brew of the Month Club. Blizzard Changes FTL :(

We then spent an hour on Razorscale and concluded that we needed a better strategy than the guides we could find would give us, so we avoided Ignis the Furnace Master and headed straight for the XT-002 Deconstructor.

When we left we'd pulled him down to 34%. It's an incredibly complex fight by my standards, there is a LOT going on and you need to be totally aware of your own health and what is occuring around you. The damaging debuffs come thick and fast and you are required not simply to just stand and dps (which is so often the case in Naxx) but to watch your range to everyone else, to watch your health and to watch the spawning of robots which, if you let them get too close to the boss will bugger up all of your good work. Plus, he's on a six minute enrage timer. Yes, SIX minutes. So it means (if like us you bought two tanks, and two and a bit healers) the dps have to be VERY good.

I suspect we will be spending some time in the Ulduar Car Park. I suspect it is going to take us quite some time to make it to Yogg Saron. If we are as typical of casual raiding as I believe we are, this is going to be a long road before we've cleared the content. In this respect I think Ulduar is a total and complete success. If you think it's too easy you're either spoilt rotten or talking pants, or you've simply not had the chance to be here.

When we finally kill Yogg Saron on 10 man, and we will, it will be one of the hardest fought victories I've ever achieved in game. And we will have earnt it, good and proper.

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