Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Hurts

I am staggered by just how many people do not get how the Pledge Collection works. Is it really that hard to grasp?

Each City (IF, SW, Darn) requires you to collect 3 types of item (5 of each) to make their respective Gift Collection.

  • Pledges of Loyalty and Guards Cards are ONLY available from Guards (once you have the correct scent slapped on, and yes I've been using both to maximise my exposure)
  • Bread, Homebrew and Wood Carvings are ONLY available from NON-GUARD NPC's (which seems to be something a surprising number of people simply haven't grasped at all)
  • Once you have the 'Adored' buff it does not matter how many times you declare your undying affection to anyone who's listening, you will NOT get the chance for another Gift of Adoration. No really, stop asking in Trade guys, it's not any different from any other 1hr World Event buff.... /sigh
Really, is it that hard to grasp?

[EDIT: Despite what I've read on several posts, you'll also need to be INSIDE Naxx for your Love Fool /pity to register. Let's hope I can be in WG regardless of who controls it...]

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