Sunday, February 08, 2009

End of an Era

So yesterday, after what's been (all told) several months of consideration, I decided I was going to make M the Boomkin my Main in the Guild. This has several ramifications, most notably that I will be unable to have primary priority on any Hunter lewts during raids. I have to say this does not bother me nearly as much as it would have.

P has a lot of history behind her (and a shedload of Achievements) and I doubt she's gonna get retired. I am embroiled in the AQ Scepter Quest sequence with her (more on that later) and she's still useful for farming and the like, but the fun has gone from her. The Hunter changes have not been kind, and although I can still pull the dps it is, if truth be told, becoming annoying and frustrating for me to be a Hunter while Blizzard faffs so much with the class. I am spending more time with M and enjoying it when I do, I find the mechanics of gameplay a lot less stressful, and perhaps most importantly of all (as was borne out by the 10 man Naxx last night) I have added utility as an offspec healer. It meant we could run 10 man with only two dedicated healers and I could switch forms for fights like Instructor Razuvious. It was a decent night last night: Spider Wing pretty much 1-shotted with a new tank, Plague Wing sorted (The Safety Dance sucessfully done with nine, which is a record) and everything in the Military Wing cleared up to the Four Horsemen.

It does mean that when the Dual Spec ability is introduced I can become a full healer/dps combo whic should make for a lot of game time. Somehow I doubt there's gonna be a lot of call for a Dual Specced Hunter when that time comes...

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